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W3 Jmail 使用范例

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W3 Jmail 使用范例


    <title>Confirmation </title>

    Set JMail = Server.CreateObject("JMail.SMTPMail")

    ' This is my local SMTP server
    JMail.ServerAddress = "mail.yourdomain.com:25"

    ' This is me....
    JMail.Sender = "11830@email.com.cn"
    JMail.Subject = "Here you go..."

    ' Get the recipients mailbox from a form (note the lack of a equal sign).
    JMail.AddRecipient "11830@email.com.cn"
    JMail.AddRecipient "11830@email.com.cn"

    ' The body property is both read and write.
    ' If you want to append text to the body you can
    ' use JMail.Body = JMail.Body & "Hello world!"
    ' or you can use JMail.AppendText "Hello World!"
    ' which in many cases is easier to use.
    JMail.Body = "Here you go. Your request has been approved" &_
    "and the program is attached to this message"

    ' 1 - highest priority (Urgent)
    ' 3 - normal
    ' 5 - lowest

    JMail.Priority = 1

    JMail.AddHeader "Originating-IP", Request.ServerVariables("REMOTE_ADDR")

    ' Must make sure that IUSR_???? has access to the following files.
    JMail.AppendBodyFromFile "e:/mail/standard_footer.txt"
    JMail.AddAttachment "e:/products/MyProduct.exe"

    ' Send it...


    An e-mail has been sent to your mailbox (<%=request.form("email")%>).


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