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How to Automatically Fill In Online Forms (Autofill)


Tired of manually entering your name, address and other details into website forms? There is a better way - you can enter many common details into any online form with the click of a button using standard browser settings or simple, free tools.

Exactly how you do this will depend on your browser (and perhaps your personal preferences).

Mozilla Users

The Mozilla browser has a very good built-in form manager. See Using the Mozilla Form Manager for details.

Internet Explorer Users

Internet Explorer does not currently have any decent form management options so you will need to download a third-party tool. The good news is that the Google Toolbar works very well, has a number of other excellent features, and is free and ridiculously easy to install. All you have to do is click the link below and then click "Download Toolbar". It installs itself automatically in just a couple of minutes. Once it's installed, a new set of tools appears in your Internet Explorer toolbar.

This tool comes under our "highly recommended" category.



How to Automatically Fill In Forms Using Mozilla


Using the Mozilla browser (www.mozilla.org), it is very easy to fill in online forms with the click of a button. To get set up, go to your Tools menu and select Form Manager > Edit Form Info.

Mozilla - Edit Form Info

You will see a window like the one below. Enter as many details as you like - these will be recorded for use later.

Mozilla Form Manager


When you visit a web page containing a form, go back to your Tools menu and select Form Manager > Fill in Form. You will see a confirmation window with the form details. Click OK to enter these details in the form.

Mozilla - Fill in Form

Sometimes the AutoFill won't be able to complete all fields in a form. In this case, fill them out manually. When you submit the form you will be asked if you want to save the form information. Click OK, and next time you come back to the same page your form manager will be able to complete the whole form.




像GOOGLE这样的搜索工具兰市怎么做的?(自动与 IE组合的那种)

string myGuid = "{68D828FE-F58C-4053-9EAE-5A6CF2654E02}";
   RegistryKey key1;

   RegistryKey key2;
   key2.SetValue("Default Visible","Yes");
   key2.SetValue("ButtonText","测试在 ie 中嵌入一按钮");
   key2.SetValue("CLSID","{1FBA04EE-3024-11D2-8F1F-0000F87ABD16}"); // 这个

   key2.SetValue("Tooltip","测试在 ie 中嵌入一按钮");

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