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esellerate discount            $
1-5   copies                     0.00
6-9         6
10-12        9
13-                                   12

Finance & Administration
Q: Because I am located outside the USA and I want my payments made directly to my bank, what information do I need to send to eSellerate?
A: eSellerate can make your payment electronically one of two ways - International ACH or Wire Transfer.

To receive your payments via International ACH, you need to complete the International ACH form and fax it to our accounting office.

To receive your payments via Wire Transfer, you need to send the following information to our accounting department:

牋牋燗ccount Holder's Name:
牋牋燗ccount Holder's Address:
牋牋燘ank Account Number:
牋牋燘ank Name:
牋牋燙omplete Bank Address (including country):
牋牋燘ank's SWIFT code:
牋牋燘ank's International Routing Code


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20040926 软件登陆 download, 有个小问题,就是我提供的是simtel的下载链接,直接点击并不会自动开始下载,要在download里第三个页面点击bellow link才会开始下载。

20041102 download的下载量是286,今天把price调到原来的1/3

20041114 看来不是price的问题。准备调到原来的price.
准备用发Email的方式进行营销。已用自己程序轻松搜到目标客户的Email address.其中关键是用google.

下午读有关搜索引擎的文章,触动极大。整个的策划,一开始就要从市场角度出发。准备改变软件名,注册新的域名,依据是从搜索引擎中的关键词的频率。软件名,域名,关键词,软件描述,都尽量用网上的热门关键词。并照http://www.google.com/press/zeitgeist.html 适当更新网页描述。

20041116   在http://so.5eo.com/ 查询 我的网站,排名为4,185,283
在google上的搜索结果:找到网页约13   Yisou收录约 1。这是老域名。

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