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The COM Course - Part 1--by karl moore

发表于2002/3/20 9:07:00  626人阅读

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The COM Course - Part 1

By Karl Moore


Welcome to our three-part introduction to the wonderful world of COM!

There comes a time in every programmer's life when a project consisting of mere forms and modules just ain't enough. Sure, you know the API, you know databases... but in the world of the enterprise, employers want that something extra.

And that something is called COM. It's a way of organising your code so it can be used over and over again. It's a method of helping create a bug-free development environment. It's a system that, just after making your life a little harder, makes it one heckuva lot easier.

Basically, it's a completely wizzy way of working.

Today, we're going to figure out exactly what classes are, and how they fit into the big picture of cosmic COM. We'll even be creating our own classes ?based loosely around a dog (yes, a dog) ?to demonstrate the theory.

Ready to dive feet first into the chaotic cavern of COM, my cute curious cherubs? Step this way...

Introducing COM

  In This Article

Introduction - Introducing COM - Building Classes - Properties - Bettering Properties - Subs, Functions, Parameters, Oh My! - Events - Conclusion -

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