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jive setup tips

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(1) setup database
mysqladmin -u root -p create jive2
cat Jive_Mysql.sql |mysql -u root -p jive2
(2) copy files
(3) modify web.xml to enable the setCharacterEncoding filter
vi $JIVE_APP_DIR/WEB-INF/web.xml
disable the servlet2.2 dtd tag and enable the 2.3 one
(4) replace the Lucene package with chinese tokenizer and analysis classes
(5) replace the DbSearchManager.class,DbSearchManager$Index.class with using chineseTokenizer and
(6) replace the StringUtils.class for hilite the query words in query result pages.
(7) Startup your app server and open the admin page of jive in IE,
normally,it's http://localhost:8080/jive/admin/
(8) do setup according to the setup wizard.
(9) after all setup done,shutdown the appserver
(10) modify the $JIVE_HOME/jive_config.xml
find the JDBC url string and append some shit.
now ,your jdbc connection string may looks like this:
(11) modify your locale file and compile it
native2ascii -encoding gb2312 my_translation.properties jive_i18n_YY.properties
(12) restart ur app server and open the admin page again
(13) in the locale setting page,set ur encoding to gb2312 and locale to zh_CN


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