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Some Famous Articles about Type System of Programming Language

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OO Type System

1983 A Semantics of Multiple Inheritance [Cardelli]
1989 Inheritance is not Subtyping [Cook, Hill, Canning]

1993 A Paradigmatic Object-Oriented Programming Language:
Design, Static Typing and Semantics [Bruce]
1993 Object-Oriented Programming Without Recursive Types [Pierce-Turner]
1994 A Theory of Objects [Abadi-Cardelli]

1996 On Binary Methods [Bruce-Cardelli-Castagna-HOG-Leavens-Pierce]
1996 An Interpretation of Objects and Object Types
1997 Comparing Object Encodings [Bruce-Cardelli-Pierce]

1996 Objective ML: A simple object-oriented extension of ML [Rémy-Vouillon]
1998 Making the Future Safe for the Past: Adding Genericity to the Java
Programming Language [Bracha-Odersky-Stoutamire-Wadler]
2001 Design and Implementation of Generics for the .NET Common
Language Runtime [Kennedy-Syme]


Bounded Quantification

1985 On Understanding Types, Data Abstraction, and Polymorphism

1990–92 Coherence of Subsumption: Minimum typing and type-checking

1991 An Extension of System F with Subtyping
1992 Bounded Quantification is Undecidable [Pierce]

1993 Intersection Types and Bounded Polymorphism [Pierce]
1994 Subtyping in F!

1994 Higher-Order Subtyping [Pierce-Steffen]
1995 On Subtyping and Matching [Abadi-Cardelli]
1997 Termination of system F-bounded: A complete proof [Ghelli]
1999 Subtyping Recursive Types in Kernel Fun [Colazzo-Ghelli] LICS!

Module Systems

1986 Using dependent types to express modular structure

1990 Higher-Order Modules and the Phase Distinction
1994 A Type-Theoretic Approach to Higher-Order Modules with Sharing
[Harper-Lillibridge] (“translucent sums”)
1994 Manifest Types, Modules, and Separate Compilation [Leroy]
1996 Mixin Modules [Duggan-Sourelis]
1997 Program Fragments, Linking, and Modularization [Cardelli]
1999 Non-dependent Types for Standard ML Modules [Russo]
2002 A Theory of Mixin Modules: Algebraic Laws and Reduction
Semantics [Ancona-Zucca]
2003 A type system for higher-order modules [Dreyer-Harper-Crary]


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