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National Day log 1

发表于2004/10/2 9:51:00  1004人阅读

Yesterday, Benbattle DoctorXinghua came as plan... I pick Doctor at the airport and we three finally met together down my home building. Watched DVD Shrek 2 for a while and went out for dinner... The name of the restaurant is Mao Jia restaurant , it's from our Chairman Mao. HongShaoRou is one of their most famous dishes, but pity, they don't have it yesterday... but the other dishes is quite delicious as well

The plan of today is go to center part of Shenzhen, including Lotus moutain ...
Benbattle went out early to meet his university classmate here, who is also working in Tech Park , Shenzhen...

Today, we three went to ZhuHai. At lots of places , we just walk and enjoy the scene and wind, though I've been to ZhuHai for times, it's the best this time. I think it's also because of good friends

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