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National Day log 2

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Now all have become memories ... I don't feel good after their leaving, it's like I lost something important. I don't know, I feel I am afraid of losing all this, a little helpless, ft... how can you feel like this
it's the last day of golden week holiday today. I am just staying at home and doing nothing at all, the feeling is blue though there is sunshine outside. Why I feel something is gone? ...
[10.4.] we didn't go too far... just went to meet DoctorXinghua's friends and collected some DC infomation at HuaQiangBei.And he decided to buy Cannon A95.
[10.5.] slept till 10:00AM and set off at 11:00AM to the east ShenZhen for the sea-shore... first stop, KFC outside Minsk... then we went to DaMeiSha for just about 30 min, then went back to HaiYa for moon cake that DoctorXinghua's friend(Aunty Wang) asked him to take back home... It's late when we were home :)
[10.6.] Quite busy morning because we got up too late :P
first we went to HuaQiangBei for the DC, and we bought it at GuoMei, reallly much cheaper than ShunDian... Then we went to enjoy the most dilicious food at BaShuFeng, the ChuanCai is really indelible ...  
then went out for airport by bus ...
Really fast 6 days , I will miss it
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