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2008 September 4th Thursday (九月 四日 木曜日)

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   I have about four days to write a testing report and make testing data.  Four days, I am afraid of the
short time not to finish that task.  This may be the last difficulty for me at this developing.  If successfully,
the rest is just to test.

  When it comes to system testing, this time, we can need two or three ones to test accumulating functions.


  It is valid only in ap_log_rerror, and causes the logger to set an entry in the request notes.  Thus a handler
can retrieve an error message using

  errmsg = apr_table_get(r->notes, "error-notes");

and report the exact error message back to the browser. (Note that errmsg must be escaped if it appears in an HTML
or XML response.)
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