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2008 September 12th Friday (九月 十二日 金曜日)

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   I am ill, so I am so tired.  But I have to work day by day, though I need a good rest.  To do this or to do that
is not good for me.  Nobody can help me, just myself.  So alone.

  These days, Japanese was put aside.  I have no time no energe to learn it.  I just want to sleep.  From tomorrow,
I have three days to have a rest.  However, the three days will be discounted.  My relatives are going to disturb my
tranquil short holiday.  In that situation, I have to endure their irrational and their children noise, screaming and

  Some one always told me, "You must stand up to all things!"  I am just a common one, my body is feeble.  So, something
I hated.  I says, "No one can stand up to all things, even though he is god!"
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