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Leo:一个outlining editor

发表于2004/9/19 16:38:00  2102人阅读

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几周前在google资料的时候发现的Leo这个编辑器,用了大半天的时间熟悉了基本功能,它的思想也很有意思,源头大约要追溯到Don Knuth的literate programming,或者更早,强调文档的重要性,代码只是程序员工作的一小部分。

下面的条目来自Leo主页的说明。在我的理解,Leo就是可以把无结构的普通文本文件(源代码文件当然属此列)结构化的浏览器(也是编辑器,虽然就编辑功能不是那么强)。Leo用pure Python编写,GUI基于Tk/tcl,可以通过Python scripts进行扩展。 

Leo is...

  • An outlining editor for programmers.
    Outlines clarify the big picture and provide unlimited space for details.
  • A flexible browser for projects, programs, classes or data.
  • A literate programming tool, compatible with noweb and CWEB.
    Leo outlines enhance any programming language.
  • A data organizer for web sites and other complex data.
    Leo outlines can generate complex data spanning many different files.
  • A project manager. Leo provides multiple views of a project within a single outline. Leo naturally represents tasks that remain up-to-date.
  • Portable. Leo runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS X Jaguar.
  • 100% pure Python. Leo uses Tk/tcl to draw the screen.
  • Fully scriptable using Python.? Leo's outline files are XML format.
  • Open Software, distributed under the Python License.

Please use Leo's SourceForge forums to ask questions and make suggestions.

Leo's author is Edward K. Ream

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