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Sense of Humor

发表于2004/10/8 23:16:00  1215人阅读

       A sense of humor,God's greatest gift to mankind,is universally considered the most valuable personality a man can possess.A person without humor is just like a spring without flowers or a dish without seasoning.In a sense,what makes a man lies in his sense of humor.
       Humor can enhance physical as well as mental well-being.It helps us relieve our burdens,lesson our tension,overcome our frustration,and desolve countless trifles and irritations.With the cracking of a joke,all our worries,sadness and tiredness disperse like mist and smoke and we are full of vigor once again.Moreover,humor helps us live in harmony with others.In our daily life,we will inevitably have some misunderstanding or conflicts with others.But humor can ease these problems quicker than angry words or quarrels.With it we can always keep on good terms with others.

      A sense of humor is really one of the keys to happiness.It adds color to life and makes it worth living.

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