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Reducing Anxiety 减少焦虑

发表于2004/10/9 13:45:00  920人阅读

    A great many worries can be diminished by realizing the unimportance of the matter which is causing the anxiety.

     I have done in my time a considerable amout of public speaking; at first every audience terrified me, and nervousness made me speak very badly. I dreaded the ordeal so much that I always hoped I might break my leg before I had to make a speech, and when it was over I was exhausted from the nervous strain.

    Gradually I taught myself to feel that it did not matter whether I spoke well or ill, the universe would remain much the same in either case.

    I found that the less I cared whether I spoke well or badly, the less badly I spoke, and gradually the nervous strain diminished almost to vanishing point. Agreat deal of nervous fatigue can dealt with in this way. Our doings are not so important as we naturally suppose; our successes and failures do not after all matter very much.

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