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Today's English Class

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    According to the regulations of school, we have the Wednesday's classes today. Owing to the conflict with my class, I have no choice but to give up attending the English class on Tuesday and Thursday that my classmates attend. Fortunately, Mr. Lee, our English teacher, also gives 3rd-year graduate students English class on Wednesday, involving the same contents. Therefore, I can join them.

    This morning ,when I entered the classroom, I was astonished to see that there was only three students in the classroom including me. Maybe most students are still immersed in vacation, or they cannot go back to school on time on account of  the busy traffic.

    It is self-evident that postgraduate education in our school is not as strict as undergraduate education. Teachers as well as students have too much freedom: Tutors often have so-called important things so that lessons are cancelled; students ususlly attend classes by their own wishes so that situations like today's occur.

    However, the effect of English class with fewer students was better, because more opportunities of communication afford some guarantee.

    In class, I learn some useful phrases, as follows:

  • tough cookie: a person with a strong character.
  • rake in the dough: make a lot of money.
  • crash: to go to sleep.          e.g.  I've got to go home and crash.
  • out of this world: exceptional, marvelous.        e.g.  She is out of this world.
  • catch you later: goodbye. 
  • pull off: to succeed at something difficulties.     e.g.   I cannot believe you pulled that off.
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