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My Birthday Is Coming

发表于2004/10/14 18:12:00  864人阅读

     Tomorrow is my birthday. Time passes quickly. In a twinkling, 23 years have gone. With the lapse of time, the concept of birthday becomes more and more vague for me, maybe because I have grown up. Being no longer a carefree child, I realize that my life is full of pressure and challenge, which presumably make the life worth living. I will feel content with friends' wishes on the coming day.

     Tomorrow I will have classes the whole day, so I decide to dinner together with some friends tomorrow night and share the birthday cake with them.

     I cannot help recalling the past. When I was still a college student, on the birthday of anyone in our dormitory, we went to canteen very early in the evening to take up a big table, then ordered dishes and noodles, and ate together. Comparing with eating at restaurant, this was substantial and economical. And we can enjoy ourselves at the same time. At night, we lighted birthday candles, sang birthday song, shared the birthday cake, and chatted with each other casually. The harmonious and congenial atmosphere made us feel that we were like blood sisters.

     I cherish the memory of that happy time left in my mind. After all, the past time cannot return, what I can control is now and the future. I have every reason to belive that the future is brighter and happier, don't I?
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