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Some Thoughts And Feelings

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    This Firday afternoon, owing to giving classes in the new campus, I got on the school bus, and met Mr. Fu, who is recommended for admission to this school last year, and  do graduate study in the department of economics. I sat beside him and chatted with him.
    He looked in low spirits. I asked him whether he didn't sleep or take a rest at noon. He leaned his head on the back of chair and said he hadn't not only slept but also eaten anything since he got up at six o'clock this morning. Hearing him out, I was dumbfounded. He explained he had to be busy doing many many things. Not to mention his graduate lessons, preparing lessons, reading and writing academic papers, he had to deal with sundry duties in postgraduate college and economic college. As a result, he was used to sleeping at 2:00 am and getting up at 6:00 am. I didn't inquire in great detail about the things he was forced to do that day.
      What a busy man!  In comparison with him, I felt much happier. In the eyes of others, he is really an outstanding student. And now I deeply felt that being an outstanding person was not easy once again. How many sleepless nights did the person spend? No one knows. Only himself knows what reputation, reward and praise mean to him.

     Naturally, we should go to great length to study and work hard, but we shouldn't make ourselves tired out and ruin our health, because the loss outweighs the gain. Life is struggle, but it's also full of beauty. We can enjoy ourselves in our own way.

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