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My Lost Certificates Come back Magically

发表于2004/10/20 18:11:00  552人阅读

Today aunt Wang, an administrator of our Young Teacher Apartment, made a phone call to me and asked me to take my certificates from her. Hearing her out, I went downstairs quickly to her room, full of surprise in my mind, to wonder which certificate was left in administrator’s room.

Catching sight of my work certificate and identity card lost two months ago, I was taken aback. It is unimaginable that after two months, my certificates appear in front of me magically. From aunt Wang, I knew that my certificates were found by students in a covert corner in the dormitory of YanZhao No.1 Apartment, which was next to ours, when they cleaned their room. Now I was acquainted with the truth of the matter to some extent. It is self-evident that my missing handbag was really stolen by thieves, maybe when I washed my face in the morning. Being useless for the thieves, certificates in my handbag were thrown to the dormitory of YanZhao No.1 Apartment from our apartment through the window.

     Unfortunately, I have handled new work certificate as well as new identity card already. My old identity card becomes invalid. However, both my new and old work certificate are available, for work certificate doesn’t need to be reported loss.

     Are thieves poor and hard up? Do they feel comfortable when spending money stolen? I will never know their feelings. Undeniably it is high time to better the public security, while there is still a long way to go towards solving the problem. For ourselves, the only thing we can do is heightening our vigilance and taking care of our own things.                    
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