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Informal Essay

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    My classmates Zeng and Zhang often say to me that I should have been easygoing, in as much as I not only needn’t hunt for a job, but also have passed English exam for Master’s degree and published an article in a magazine, which are indispensable to come by Master’s degree. They are completely right. I should have been free and relaxed, but I cannot. I don’t want to be a person who is driven to do things that he has no choice but to do. I don’t hanker to land myself in a passive position. Living in the society, we should exert ourselves all the time, so that we are high-spirited and fail to be looked down upon by others, though we don’t live for others. Naturally, a phenomenal amount of money can be made subsequently. After all, success will come when conditions are ripe.

Tomorrow I will give a class of “Computer Network” exercises to seniors for my tutor. Several days ago, I chatted with one of my students. And when it comes to the classes I had to give for my tutor, he asked me at once whether my tutor would give a reward to me. I laughed and said it was indisputable correct for students to do things free for teacher.

   In our daily life, there are abundant things that we cannot help but to do. Nevertheless, everything has two sides. If we allow for it in another way, maybe we will have different feelings.

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