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Some Thoughts after Reading ”How Does the Rabbit Eat the Wolf ”

发表于2004/10/31 19:40:00  747人阅读

Reading the article of ”How Does the Rabbit Eat the Wolf ” once again, I have some thoughts and feelings aroused by it. To a greater or lesser extent, what really counts in the realm of academic research is not what you have done about scientific research, but how well-known your tutor is.

  I was tormented by which tutor I was going to choose approximately one year ago. Associate professor Tian, who guided my graduation project, suggested more than once that he expected me to choose his research subject, Image & Word Processing, during the period of my postgraduate study. Owing to the little attention received by his research subject, I didn’t choose him as my tutor, even though Mr. Tian was really amiable and meticulous and precise in his work.

At that time, I also hesitated for a long time whether to choose dean Wang’s realm of research. On account of various kinds of reasons, I didn’t choose his in the end, despite his students were presumably advantageous over students of other tutors under the same circumstance. It isn’t how much guidance the tutor gives you, but his influence in the realm of research, that makes you benefit a lot.At last, I selected professor Wang as my tutor and network as the realm of research.

 Everything has been a foregone conclusion. After all, I’m not a person who hankers to rely on others to make remarkable progress or promote. It is of utmost importance to be conscientious in my study. Those who depend on others may be optimistic temporarily, but fail to stand a test for a long time. Just like the article’s words, “if you always depend on others to gain achievement, you won’t be a successor for ever.”

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