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重装Exchange Server 2000问题及解决

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一、重装Exchange Server 2000出现以下错误
The component "Microsoft Exchange Messaging and Collaberation Services" cannot be assigned the action "Install" because: - A server object for this server ("server_name") already exists in the Administrative Group "Administrative_Group_name". You must either remove this server object before installing, or run setup with the "DisasterRecovery" switch if you are attempting to recover this server.

1.Start the Active Directory Sites and Services snap-in.
2.On the View menu, click Show Services Node to display the extra node on the left pane.
3.Expand the Services node, expand the Microsoft Exchange node, and then expand the organization_name node.
3.Expand Administrative Groups, expand the administrative group in which the server exists, and then expand the Servers container.
4.Delete the server object with the same name as the computer that you want to install Exchange on.

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