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Add A New Row on Client-Side

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Add A New Row on Client-Side

Instead of adding a new row by clicking the AddNew button on our control, you can place you own button on the webform and add a new row by using client-side scripting.

The follow method should be used to add a new control:

igtbl_addNew(GridName, BandNumber)

where GridName is the name (id) of the Grid, and the BandNumber is the zero-based index for which band to add a new row. This method requires that an active row be set, or else it will not work.



Adding Rows and The AddNew Box

The AddNewBox is the area that contains the button that is made available to the user for adding rows to a band in the UltraWebGrid. There is a button provided for each band or level in the hierarchy of the data contained in the UltraWebGrid. By default, the Hidden property of the AddNewBox is set to true; in order to view this area, you would need to set this property to false. In order to be able to add rows, the AllowAddNew property needs to be set to true as well. The appearance of the AddNewBox can be changed through the Style object of the AddNewBox.

The following code makes the AddNewBox visible, changes the setting for allowing the addition of rows and sets the BackColor of the AddNewBox:

In Visual Basic:

UltraWebGrid1.DisplayLayout.AddNewBox.Hidden = False
UltraWebGrid1.DisplayLayout.AllowAddNewDefault = Infragistics.WebUI.UltraWebGrid.AllowAddNew.Yes
UltraWebGrid1.DisplayLayout.AddNewBox.Style.BackColor = Color.Red

In C#:

UltraWebGrid1.DisplayLayout.AddNewBox.Hidden = false;
UltraWebGrid1.DisplayLayout.AllowAddNewDefault = Infragistics.WebUI.UltraWebGrid.AllowAddNew.Yes;
UltraWebGrid1.DisplayLayout.AddNewBox.Style.BackColor = Color.Red;

It is also possible to add rows to the grid through code. To add rows through the server-side, use the Add method of the Rows collection. The following code will add a new row to the very bottom of the grid:

In Visual Basic:


In C#:


If you would like to add rows through client-side script, the Hidden Property of the AddNewBox must be set to false. If you do not want the AddNewBox to be visible, but still want the capability to add rows on the client-side then use the CustomRules property of the AddNewBox to hide it. The following code will hide the AddNewBox through the CustomRules property:

In Visual Basic:

UltraWebGrid1.DisplayLayout.AddNewBox.Style.CustomRules = "display:none;"

In C#:

UltraWebGrid1.DisplayLayout.AddNewBox.Style.CustomRules = "display:none";

The JavaScript necessary to add a row is below. The AddNew method must be passed the ID of the grid and the index of the band in which to add the row:


There is an additional code sample that illustrates the concepts discussed in this topic. The Additional Code Resources topic has a link to this sample as well as several others. Look for WebGrid Sample Project #2.

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