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I'm an INTP.

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I'm an INTP.

Tested on Sunday, October 24, 2004


Myers Briggs Jung Test Results

Introverted (I) 74.19% Extroverted (E) 25.81%
Intuitive (N) 61.11% Sensing (S) 38.89%
Thinking (T) 75% Feeling (F) 25%
Perceiving (P) 61.76% Judging (J) 38.24%

Your type is: INTP


INTP - "Architect". Greatest precision in thought and language. Can readily discern contradictions and inconsistencies. The world exists primarily to be understood. 3.3% of total population.

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Here's a short introduction to MBTI:

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® personality assessment tool is a written instrument that "indicates" a person's likely psychological type. Psychological type describes the different ways people:

  • prefer to take in information,
  • prefer to make decisions,
  • are energized by the outside world or by the inner world, and
  • prefer to keep things open or to move towards closure.

These four preferences result in a person's psychological type, sometimes called personality type. The theory of psychological type says that people with different preferences naturally have different interests, perspectives, behaviors, and motivations. Awareness of preferences helps people understand and value others who think and act quite differently.


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