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Project Diary - 1

发表于2004/6/22 21:18:00  913人阅读

Wake up , it was 2nd day of UAT . in fact , client just starts the actually testing

from today . The Master Data will be setup today .  Again ,  i am the only person

to join this UAT , my team has to stay in the office to perpare the user manual and

iT design for the 2nd phase . What a tight schedule .   

  But anyway , the result is so nice (just for today  , only 1 bug is found and

reported . it could be fixed just in 1 day .

  tomorrow , it will be web application env. set up and the patch installation .

hopefully it should be no problem . But what  i am worried is the oracle database

installation procedure . seems the company got no man-power to do it . what a

sad news !



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