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     REAL programmers don't write specs--users should consider  themselves lucky to  get any programs at ll and take what they get.

2.real programmer don't comment their code.IF it was hard to  write ,it should be hard to  understand and ever harder to  modify.

3   real programmer don't write application programs; they program right down on the bare metal.application programing is for feebs( 笨蛋) who can't do systems programming.

4   real programmers don't   eat quiche .in fact,real programmers don't know how to spell quiche.they eat Twinkies,and Szechwan food.

5  real programmers never program in COBOL,money is no object.

6.------------don't draw flowcharts.flowcharts are after all,the illierate's form of documentation.

7-----------don't read manuals.reliance on reference is the hallmark of a novice and  a coward.

8----------don't write in COBOL.COBOL is for fum chewing twits who maintain ancient payroll programs.

9----------don't write in APL,unless the whole program can be written on one lin

10---------don't write in Lisp,olny effeminate programmers use moreparentheses than actual code.

11---------scorn floating point arithmetic.the decimal  was invented for pansy bedwetters who are unable to think big.

12----------don't use symbolic debugers,who nedds symbols.

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