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What Makes Good Code Good? [zz from MSDN Magazine July 2004]

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URL: http://msdn.microsoft.com/msdnmag/issues/04/07/EndBracket/default.aspx

all good programming exhibits the same time-honored qualities: simplicity, readability, modularity, layering, design, efficiency, elegance, and clarity.

Simplicity  means you don't do in ten lines what you can do in five.

Readability  means what it says: that others can read your code.

Modularity  means your program is built like the universe.

Layering  means that internally, your program resembles a layer cake.

Design  means you take time to plan your program before you build it.

Efficiency  means your program is fast and economical.

Elegance  is like beauty: hard to describe but easy to recognize. 

Clarity  is the granddaddy of good programming, the platinum quality all the others serve.

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