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appfuse layout desigin respectfully borrowed from Blue Robot's Layout Reservoir

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The Layout Reservoir

About The Layout Reservoir

Please feel free to borrow, steal, abduct, and/or torture the documents contained in the Layout Reservoir. Though you need not give credit to BlueRobot.com, a comment in your source code would help other developers to find this resource. Enjoy.

Two Column Layouts

2 columns - left menu

A simple two column layout with the standard left-side menu.

2 columns - right menu

Practically the same HTML as 2 columns - left menu, but with a different stylesheet.

Three Column Layouts

3 columns - flanking menus

Three columns, no tables, intelligent order of elements. What more is there to say?

Related Info at BlueRobot

Many a talented web designer has struggled with CSS-based centering. Though CSS vertical centering eludes us, two techniques for horizontal centering are BlueRobot approved. Take your pick: Auto-width Margins or Negative Margin.

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