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        utility                                  utilitarian
        solicit                                  unsolicited
        humiliate                              humiliation
        compel                                    compelling
        persevere                              perseveringly
        erode                                      erosion
        eradicate                              eradication
        extricate                              inextricably
        just                                        justification
        witting                                  unwittingly
        apologetic                            apologetically
        incline                                  incliniation
        fragment                                fragmentation
        conscious                              consciously
        illusion                                disillusionment
        conscious                              consciously
        swathe                                    wrap
        chubby                                    fat,plump
        heave                                      utter
        rambling                                wandering,hustling
        ragged                                    shabby
        confounded                            puzzled
        ruefully                                regretfully
        revere                                    admire
        hectic                                    very  busy
        tyrannous                              very  cruel
        lamentation                          grief
        magnitude                              important
        inkling                                  idea
        parity                                    equality
        evoke                                      arouse
        languishing                          suffer
        plausible                              reasonable,feasible
        unequivocally                      definitely
        precipitate                          hasten
        turmoil                                  disturbance
        relentless                            constant
        acrimonious                          fierce
        inscrutable                          abstruse,unknow
        rueful                                    regretful
        fraud                                      trick,deception
        tendentious                          bias
        diverse                                  varied
        arrogant                                haughty
        redress                                  remedy
        at  stack                                in  question
        confer                                    award
        underlying                            substantial
        prudence                                foresight
        hitherto                                so  far
        tidings                                  news,message
        live  up  to                            be  worthy  of,符合
        give  credence  to                confirm  证明
        brush  aside                          disregard  漠视
        at  the  insistence  of            在……的坚持下
        insofar  as                            在……范围
        get  anywhere  in                  在……成功
        under  the  sway  of              under  the  control  of  在……的控制下
        thrust  upon                          推动,激励
        give  way  to                          让步
        make  a  spectacle  of          使……成为一大景观
        beat  up                                  hit  殴打
        heave  a  sigh                        叹气
        shake  a  finger  at  sb        express  one's  anger  表达愤怒
        bring  sb  to  the  attention  of        引起……的注意
        all  well  and  good,but      好是好,但是
        play  a  trick                        耍花招
        at  large                                整个
        crave  for                              have  a  strong  desire  for  渴望……
        make  for                                contribute  to  对……贡献
        be  replete  with                  be  full  of  充满
        in  the  name  of                    以……的名义
        flirt  with                            不认真考虑,调戏
        call  sth  into  question        express  doubt  about  sth    对……提问
        in  the  long  run                  ultimately    最终
        at  the  mercy  of                  under  the  control  of  受到……的控制
        hammer  out                            make  effort  to  get  仔细讨论得出
        press  for                              迫切要求
        preside  over                        主持
        commit  to                              致力于
        opt  for                                  选择
        by  all  accounts                  据说
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