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VS.NET 2003 控件命名规范

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Type Prefix Example

Array arr arrShoppingList
Boolean bln blnIsPostBack
Byte byt bytPixelValue
Char chr chrDelimiter
DateTime dtm dtmStartDate
Decimal dec decAverageHeight
Double dbl dblSizeofUniverse
Integer int intRowCounter
Long lng lngBillGatesIncome
Object obj objReturnValue
Short shr shrAverage
Single sng sngMaximum
String str strFirstName

Type Prefix Example
AdRotator adrt adrtTopAd
Button btn btnSubmit
Calendar cal calMettingDates
CheckBox chk chkBlue
CheckBoxList chkl chklFavColors
CompareValidator valc valcValidAge
CustomValidator valx valxDBCheck
DataGrid dgrd dgrdTitles
DataList dlst dlstTitles
DropDownList drop dropCountries
HyperLink lnk lnkDetails
Image img imgAuntBetty
ImageButton ibtn ibtnSubmit
Label lbl lblResults
LinkButton lbtn lbtnSubmit
ListBox lst lstCountries
Panel pnl pnlForm2
PlaceHolder plh plhFormContents
RadioButton rad radFemale
RadioButtonList radl radlGender
RangeValidator valg valgAge
RegularExpression vale valeEmail_Validator
Repeater rpt rptQueryResults
RequiredFieldValidator valr valrFirstName
Table tbl tblCountryCodes
TableCell tblc tblcGermany
TableRow tblr tblrCountry
TextBox txt txtFirstName
ValidationSummary vals valsFormErrors
XML xmlc xmlcTransformResults

Type Prefix Example
Connection con conNorthwind
Command cmd cmdReturnProducts
Parameter parm parmProductID
DataAdapter dad dadProducts
DataReader dtr dtrProducts
DataSet dst dstNorthWind
DataTable dtbl dtblProduct
DataRow drow drowRow98
DataColumn dcol dcolProductID
DataRelation drel drelMasterDetail
DataView dvw dvwFilteredProducts
Event-Handling SubroutinesThe name of an event-handling subroutine will consist of the ID of the control that rasied the event followed by the type of event being handled. For example, a subroutine named btnSubmit_Click handles the Click event of a Button control named btnSubmit.

When a control that raises an event is not assigned an ID, the type of the control is used instead of the ID. For example, the subroutine named Button_Click handles the Click event of a Button control without an ID.


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