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欺诈邮件:You've won a Microsoft X-Box (This is not spam)

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Your email address was entered into our Microsoft X-Box promotional competition at

This is a prize draw, you have actually won a brand new Microsoft X-Box Gaming Console!

Your package also includes these top 5 games:
- Halo: Combat Evolved
- Grand Theft Auto Double Pack
- Madden NFL 2004
- Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
- Tom Clancy's Rainbox Six 3

You are now invited to login to our website and claim your prize that you have won.
There are only 3 winners in total this month, out of thousands of emails, so do count yourself lucky!

We have provided the following web link for you, it is temporary and expires in 72 hours.
If you do not login within this time, your X-Box shall unfortunately be returned to the prize pool.

Here is your link!

On this page you will need to enter this pass code number to proceed:


This is very important. Do not lose that number!
Put in your address, and we will send your X-Box to you.

We hope that you will enjoy your new X-Box gaming console.

Best Regards,

From Microsoft and the Saprize.com team!

收到邮件后,觉得有点奇怪,感觉不太可信。于是google了一下,结果发现这原来是封欺诈邮件。这种欺诈邮件大约是2003年9月左右开始在Internet上出现的,目的是收集用户的信用卡帐号和住址。当时微软官方已就此事发出过声明,说此邮件是愚弄邮件,提醒用户不要上当。大家可以访问下面的地址:http://urbanlegends.about.com/library/bl_xbox_giveaway.htm written by David Emery, commented that :

"Microsoft, the manufacturer of Xbox, has denounced this email offer as a hoax and says the sender is not affiliated with Microsoft in any way. Virtually identical emails have surfaced monthly since September 2003, in each case pointing "winners" to a different Web domain where they can supposedly claim their "prize" by providing a debit card number and PIN to prepay shipping charges. It has all the elements of a scam, plus a false claim of affiliation with Microsoft. Caveat emptor!"

国外不少Blogger也对该邮件做了详细记载,另外,据传该欺诈邮件之后又有了类似下面的变种,邮件主题可能如下:This is a VERY WELL DONE SCAM. As always NEVER give your PIN number to anyone!!!!

最后提醒大家:不要贪心,贪心必被骗 任何不是从你的可信任的朋友处发过来的电子邮件,如果需要你填信用卡号或住址,都极有可能是欺诈邮件。收到这类邮件后,第一件事就是把该邮件的主题google一下,看看有没有黑记录(black record),暂时没有的话也不要马上回复,最好等1~2周后,再次google一下,如果此时还是找不到不好的说明,再小心行事

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