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So late at night!

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Today ,after class,I just stay in classroom studying for an half-hour ,then come back dorm.
Just want to watch TV,because I feel tired for thinking the AI problem of SAA(Simulate Aneal Arithmetic).So I want to relax my brain according to watch TV. But I cann't control myself to stop watching TV,after that I begin study , and read some logic language ppt.Time is elapsing , when I want to view my blog , time has arrived at 00:00 .
I spend halfhour on bathe.So late now , feel sleeping. But I still want to fresh my blog , I don't want to stop blog . I must spend more time on study from now on ! Actions and saying always not syn-progressing . But this time will be an exception . I believe myself , hope you likewise do .

Good night ! Buddies!


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