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IntelliJ IDEA 4 新特性 之 User Interface(用户界面)

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User Interface(用户界面)

Convenient multi-pane layout with easy switching between panes, usually called tool windows


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The main frame has several panes (tool windows) and you may easily hide unnecessary panes, providing more space for the editor. You may quickly switch between panes and views using the keyboard shortcuts or the mouse.


Easy to use interface(简易的用户界面)

The user interface is simple to learn, yet incredibly powerful and efficient in use. The features become available as you need them, and do not clutter up the interface. The Tips of the Day quickly teach you how to take advantage of many product features.


Specially designed for fast work with the keyboard. 100% of features available without using the mouse


Those that find that having two hands is not enough to control your IDE, swtiching back and forth from your mouse and keyboard, no longer have to worry. IDEA provides you with ability to work exclusively with the keyboard, greatly increasing your total effciency output.


All shortcuts are customizable(完全自由的快捷键定制)

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User-defined keymaps with ability to change or set shortcuts for any menu item or editor command. Three alternative built-in keymaps are also available, emulating Mac OS X, Emacs and Visual Studio

(你可以随意定制快捷键来使用任何菜单项和编辑指令,当然,IDEA还提供了MacOS X、Emacs、VisualStudio 三种快捷键设置模板)

Multiple projects support(支持多工程文件同时编辑)

IDEA now allows you to open several projects at a time, so that each project is opened in its own frame, and you can easily switch between them. This can be useful when you need, for example, to run and debug server and client applications simultaneously.


Various tool windows that can be now opened in floating mode(各种工具窗口还可以当成浮动面板试用)

Floating mode

A rich set of IDEA tool windows help you to view your project details in different modes, as well as browse compilations, search results, inspection results, and more. Any tool window can be switched to floating mode and positioned any place on the screen. This is especially convenient when working with multiple monitors. When in floating mode, tool windows can have their transparency level adjusted, so that when they are being used on top of the editor, they conveniently fade into the background allowing you to continue working in the editor without having your screen cluttered with windows.


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