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水门事件(Watergate Case)记实

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Fred J. Maroon and the Nixon Years

  一名摄影家,Fred J. Maroon,进入了白宫,为美国前总统尼克拍摄在竞选期间的记录照片,却用照相机记录下了震惊世界的水门事件的前前后后,也记录下了动荡的七十年代的美国。

  The images that you are about to see--one photographer's account of President Richard Nixon's years in office--offer a powerful record of an unsettling time in American history. Fred Maroon, a free-lance photographer known for images of Washington monuments and landscapes, won unusual access to President Nixon in 1970 with a proposal for a book on the Nixon White House.

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 ·President Richard Nixon:尼克松,美国前总统(1969-1974)。1972年2月访问中国,与周恩来总理在上海发表联合公报。



  After publication of the book the following year, he was invited to record Nixon's reelection campaign operations. As the Watergate controversy unfolded in 1972-1974, Maroon continued to document the Nixon years, photographing the Senate investigation, the House impeachment hearings, and the president's historic resignation on August 8, 1974.

  ·Watergate Case:水门事件。利用1972年6月17日美国共和党尼克松竞选班子刺探民主党的竞选政策,在民主党总部水门大楼安装窃听器被揭发,而掀起弹劾尼克松浪潮的事件。导致美国历史上破天荒第一次的总统辞职。

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  ·impeachment hearing:弹劾听证会

  Photojournalists like Maroon record history in the making. The images they create shape our memory and history. They inform our lives, leaving indelible impressions, and become artifacts to be reinterpreted again and again.



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