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A schema is required for some tuning categories. Because Oracle Expert is not a schema editor, it does not keep 100% of a user's schema, nor does it provide editing capabilities for all possible schema information. In general, Oracle Expert manages only schema objects that are necessary to the tuning process.
Within Oracle Expert, you can edit data for all the schemas you can access in your database. The objects within a schema that you can edit are: tables (including columns, indexes, and constraints), clusters, and synonyms.
If a schema object is missing or incomplete for a tuning session that expects schema data, Oracle Expert will not attempt to make recommendations on objects related to the missing schema object.
The accuracy of the necessary data is very important. When Oracle Expert attempts to form tuning strategies, it assumes that the input data is accurate. If that is not the case, the quality of the recommendations may be unreliable. For example, cardinality is a critical attribute in both tables and columns. Oracle Expert relies heavily on the cardinality values to predict sizing and index formation. If the cardinality values are incorrect or missing, Oracle Expert may recommend very poor index structures or no index structures at all.
     Collection of database objects, including logical structures such as tables, views, sequences, stored procedures, synonyms, indexes, clusters, and database links. A schema has the name of the user who controls it. 
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