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The COMPATIBLE initialization parameter enables or disables the use of features in the database that affect file format on disk.

For example, if you create an Oracle Database 10g database, but specify COMPATIBLE = in the initialization parameter file, then features that requires 10.0 compatibility will generate an error if you try to use them. Such a database is said to be at the compatibility level.
You can advance the compatibility level of your database. If you do advance the compatibility of your database with the COMPATIBLE initialization parameter, there is no way to start the database using a lower compatibility level setting, except by doing a point-in-time recovery to a time before the compatibility was advanced.
The default value for the COMPATIBLE parameter is the release number of the most recent major release.
Note:For Oracle Database 10g Release 2 (10.2), the default value of the COMPATIBLE parameter is 10.2.0. The minimum value is 9.2.0. If you create an Oracle Database using the default value, you can immediately use all the new features in this release, and you can never downgrade the database.

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