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Lesson 2 spare the spider 不要伤害蜘蛛

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1.New Words

flocks and herds 牛群和羊群   flock 多用于羊群 herd 多用于牛群
The birds of the same feather flock together. 物以类聚,人以群分
You are the same flock. 一丘之貉
In the morning , peonle folck into the city.
throng and crowd 人群 
swarm  群 A swarm of friends congratulated him

owe                            I owe you a big favor.
oblige                          I'm much oblige to you.
indebt                          I feel indebt to you.
appreciate                    I appreciate your help.           
grateful                        I'm grateful .
thankful                        I'm thankful.

beast  you are beast. 你是个禽兽。~~~~~
animal不能用来形容人。 如 you are animal 是错的。 
crature 可以指小孩,女人,但不能形容男性。

on one's behalf      for one's sake/benefits
I beat you on your behalf. 我打你是为你好。
on behalf of somebody/something.   represent
on behalf of Chinese governmen. 代表中国政府。

authorize  批准  authorities    权威;当局(只能有复数)
authoriative 权威性的 
authoritarian  独裁的
(-tarian 带这个后缀的是贬义词)

census  统计
The fifth nationwide population census .
censorious  挑剔的
contented heart   心满意足的人
spare on efforts   不遗余力
I spare on efforts to learn English.

gereatest enemies  dying enemy  crying enemy  dear enemy

devour 狼吞虎咽 devour the food ;   make a cake of myself    make a god of myself     devour the book

glimpse  take glimpse of  稍微一看,看不全, glance  take a  glance 看的全

grasshopper    蚂蚱
cuckoo    杜鹃 布谷鸟
dragonfly    蜻蜓
earthworm    蚯蚓
flea    跳蚤    
wall lizard    壁虎
ladybird    瓢虫

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