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Lesson 6 youth

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1.new words

sb. take leave to do sth. 允许某人做某事,冒昧做某事
I take leave to say.  我冒昧地说。
I take leave to be frank. 恕我直言。
Maybe I'm too bold...
I'm bold engouth...
allow myself to say sth.

take one's leave=take leave 离开
Would you please take your leave?

烦 (口语)
what a bore.
what a nuisance.
what a trial.
what a jerk.

get down to sth.(doing sth. 名词/动名词)  认真研究
glorious  光荣:glory n.
ine one's glory  在某人的鼎盛时期

rub    难题,摩擦
rub along  凑合着过 (夫妻) They are at odds.
have word with sb.  和...拌嘴。

口语 你听懂了么?
Do you get the rub?
do you get the picture?
do you  catch me?
do you get me?

teenager  青少年
adolescent 13-16
juvenile 青少年
youth  20-30岁青少年

air of freedom   无拘无束
air  气
He always puts on airs. 摆谱
arrogant airs 傲气
bureaucratic arr  官气
finicky air 娇气

dreary   沉郁的
drearisonme  无味,无聊
sterile   枯燥无味
monotonous  乏味无聊的
lifeless  无生气的

ambition  追名逐利
I have ambition for going abroad .雄心勃勃

cosmic being  宇宙人
cosmonaut  宇航员
astro-/aster- 天体
cosmic plaxe  大都市
suburan   见识不广的,有偏见 a.
conceited  自高的a.
presumptuous  自以为是的 a.
fatuous   愚蠢的a.
cliche   陈词滥调 n

Straight forward 开门见山
Let us ( speaker exclusive ) Let's (speaker inclusive )
mean   低劣的, 卑鄙的, 普通的, 吝啬的, 简陋的, 平均的, 惭愧的, 不舒服的

polish   摩,擦
apple polisher 溜须拍马
bootlicker 拍马屁者

An old ox makes a straight furrow

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