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空中英语(A TIME OF CHANGE (3/3))

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Some people at KJAM are moving up, and one person is moving on
Dec 29
Chuck: We all have a good contact at the head office now. As long as he doesn't forget about his old colleagues.
Dana: You won't forget about us, will you, Greg?
Greg: Are you kidding? How could I forget you and the great work you're all doing here?
Heather: Will you be able to get back to K JAM for a visit once in a while?
Greg: Sure. One of my new duties will be to monitor local advertising sales across the network. I'll be visiting each station, including this one, at least a couple of times a year.
Dana: Good! When you come, bring lunch money!
Patty: It will be great to see you.
Chuck: That's easy for you to say, Patty. You won't have to show Greg higher and higher advertising sales figures!
Heather: Will you have the chance to do any broadcasting in your new job, Greg? You always liked working in the studio~
Greg: Unfortunately, no. The company doesn't want its executives doing any of that.
Patty: Why not? That doesn't sound fair.
Greg: They say it detracts from our ability to focus on business. Maybe they're right.
Dana: Just become company president; then you can change the rule!
Chuck: Or, if you ever need to escape the rat race, there'll always be a place for you here.
Greg: Thank you, Chuck. And now, I'd better go and start packing.
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Word bank:
colleague(n) 同事
Nina enjoys working with all of her colleagues.
monitor (v) 监管;监控
Someone has been stealing office supplies. We need to start monitoring our employees more carefully.
executive (n) 行政主管;经营者
The company's top executives all get paid more than $1 million.
detract (v) 减损
Some people like having music in the office. Others say it detracts from their ability to work.

Discussion Questions
Would you like to work as an executive? Why or why not?

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