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Culture- National and International

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The picture vividly depicts a lovely American girl in traditional costume with a sweet smile on her face.  She wears ribbon, earrings, necklace and other accessories.  Those are the characteristic of the clothes of a certain minority group. Undoubtedly, this costume has add orientate char to her beautiful look.

What the picture conveys goes far beyond only a fashion trend, instead, it carries the culture meanings. The fact that people from different countries are attracted to the mysterious Chinese culture indicates that to some extent a certain culture can be accepted, respected, appropriated and shared internationally. In other words, a nation’s unique culture could become international through the worldwide economic and culture exchanges. Since the trend of the globalization seems increasingly irresistible. Culture communication will effectively improve mutual understanding and friendship.

In my opinion, nation culture as a priceless spiritual treasure should be preserved and cherished. Yet there are also some good reasons to advocate the international culture. For those ideas from the other culture, controversial and even absurd at first sight, can provide a different prospective for us to observe the world. We should be sensible enough to absorb its essence and resist its dark side. Only in this way can we promote the culture development positively, and make our world dimensional, colorful and vigorous.


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