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Tobacco do more harm than good

发表于2004/9/29 15:16:00  835人阅读

    The majority of people would agree that cigarette smoking has caused serious problems. But has caused serious problems. But the tobacco companies insist that they contribute greatly to the world economy by paying taxes to the government and employing hundreds of works.

    Widespread tobacco consumption has lead to grave consequences, yet the tobacco companies still claim that they make a valuable contribution to the world economy.

    Personally, I believe that cigarette production and consumption threatens to do more harm than good. Firstly, smoking is responsible for many fatal diseases such as lung cancer, heart diseases and so on. According to the survey (statistic), tobacco consumer account for about 20% of the world population and among them, three million people die from smoking-related diseases every year. The fact that the output of tobacco production is reduced from 14.364 billon pounds in 1994 to 14.2 billion pounds in 1995 also suggests that people have come to realize the negative effects of smoking. Secondly, tobacco consumption is extremely wasteful of money. As is indicate in the picture, 200 billion US dollars is lost due to smoking each other. Obviously, the total loss of money around the globe substantially exceeds the gain in the industry.

    In conclusion, as the economic development aims at making our life better, we cannot sacrifice our health for shout-term financial benefits. If we have to spend more and more money providing medical services ofr those who suffer form smoking-related illnesses, the notion of promoting economy via tobacco production is not justifiable. It is high time that we fought for the total tobacco ban.

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