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No gains without pains.

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It’s rough world we live in. Now I must confront to a bleak and winter. If you fail to prepare for the cold winter, there will be more trouble with you. The rock-like confidence is beginning to crumble. Increasingly, I feel more exhausting instead.

Today I meet a student who also wants to attend the entrance examination of approach graduate student. He said He felt so tried that he can’t make progress recently.

No gains without pains. It deserves us to make effort to gain the goal. It is very special time to test everybody’s perseverance and endurance. Only people who have the ability to get over the difficulty in the way to success can laugh at last. When the weather bring more chilliness, undoubtedly that Every desire to win must confirm his confidence is very essential, Only in this way, can we carry out with success and achieve our goal.


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