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The last day of October

发表于2004/10/31 23:16:00  912人阅读

    Today is the last day of October. I think I should conclude my experience of these day's study and living.Time passes quickly when you devote yours attention to do one thing only and you'll also frequently feel that you have insufficiency times.
    But too many things we cann't control and too many feelings in our heart,The only thing I can do is to accept and enjoy it with my heart when the chance comes,whether is good or bad.
    No one can defeat you but yourself.No one can help you but yourself either.I began to devote  myself to do one thing calmly.It was almost two months since term begins. The fact that it is only more than two months left sometimes makes me worry about my study process However efficiency I take advatage the remnant times.
    Take it easy. Take it easy. Everything will be OK. That it is.

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