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A hero's degeneration

发表于2004/11/2 0:32:00  718人阅读

    I saw a person when I was studying in the classroom, who is a positive man I ever thought as, but I change my thought after a chatting with him. One year before when I was addict myself to windy network and computer games, He was busying in preparing his study to attend entrance exam for graduate. He develop a study model for me. However, now he gives up. I didn't ask the reason. Everyone has his difficulty. But to my regret, I was in puzzle about how the situation changed so that.


    Do you have heard the speech "I have a dream". Everybody have a dream which is the impetus that makes him struggle in the life and obtain the goal by his own constant hard work. But when we grow up, It is a surprise phenomenon that the majority have lost the desire to realized their intention. What makes the rock-firm mind begin to crumble?


    How things change!!! What a brave and wonderful world but full of pity it is!! We are bright and crying with tears. Now what I should do is to demonstrate myself to me.

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