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Delphi 6 IDE的运行时抓图及简介

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Delphi 6 Screen Shots: The IDE - by Anders Ohlsson

Abstract:Screen shots of the Delphi 6 IDE

Wanna see the Delphi 6 IDE?

Splash screen

Improved CodeInsight with colors and resizable window (persists of course).

Filters as you type.

The Object Inspector has nested properties. Check out the TDBGrid that links to a TDataSource that links to a TTable in this example.

The events are of course also nested the same way.

Lots of interesting details of the IDE in this CLX application.

This is a WebSnap demo that I worked on with Jim Tierney. It's a custome image adapter used to produce JPEG images for buttons. The state is controlled by using JavaScript events. The color, font, etc, can all be set in the IDE and any changes will be reflected on the Preview pane immediately.

Stay tuned for more...

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