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As I am sure you know, JavaOne kicked off this morning. TheServerSide will be offering day by day coverage, giving you the juicy info that you want to hear. This information will show up the morning after the night before :) If you are at the conference, please post to this thread anything that you find interesting yourself.

Todays Keynote

Java is to be everywhere. That was one of the key points Sun is trying to get across. Here is some info:

Pushing the Sun Brand:

  Two new websites to look at are http://www.java.com and http://www.java.net. Check out the new logo! To me it looks basically the same, but it probably cost a bomb! The reason for the new logo is that the old one was awful when shrunk (or on small devices). That is probably all :)

Java.Net is not microsoft's J# :) It is a portal for developers. Java.com is for "consumers". That means John Doe... as *everyone* will be using Java. (If you like Christina Aguillera go there).

Showing off tools:

  Different vendors came up on stage to show off their tools. Oracle showed JDeveloper playing with JavaServer Faces, Borland showed the integration of their product family (JBuilder + Together + StarTeam + CaliberRM + OptimizeIt!), and Vodofone showed David Beckham commercials.

Gosling was writing code while this was going on :)

We will add detailed info on Day One tomorrow morning, and every morning after that.
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