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Viva:Open Java的Source

发表于2003/7/25 9:42:00  1636人阅读

众所周知,Java语言本身并不是Open Source的。现在,Open Source社群创办了一个网站——http://viva.sourceforge.net——专门从事Open Source的Java语言实现。这对于Java的推广和发展将大有帮助。



Viva - a site dedicated to open source Java - is now live.

Viva aims to give you a quick overview of the state of open source Java and uncover and clarify Sun's open source Java stand.

For now the Viva site includes:

* a directory listing open source Java runtimes, compilers, core libraries, test suites, FAQs, UI toolkits and more

* another directory listing dozens of open source Java runtimes from the research community

* a link directory about open source basics and about Sun's official open source PR propaganda

* a call to action to pressure Sun to open source the Java core and to help secure the future of Java as an open royality-free standard

* more to come

Full story @ http://viva.sourceforge.net

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