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那么可以同时取得海拔高度。$ GPRMC句子第三个单词是一
两个字母之一:A 表示 active,表示获取修正值,V 代表 invalid 表示没有修正值。

'** Listing 1-6. Extracting satellite fix status
Public Class NmeaInterpreter
 ' Raised when the current location has changed
 Public Event PositionReceived(ByVal latitude As String, ByVal longitude As String)
 Public Event DateTimeChanged(ByVal dateTime As DateTime)
 Public Event BearingReceived(ByVal bearing As Double)
 Public Event SpeedReceived(ByVal speed As Double)
 Public Event SpeedLimitReached()
 Public Event FixObtained()
 Public Event FixLost()
 ' Processes information from the GPS receiver
 Public Function Parse(ByVal sentence As String) As Boolean
 ' Discard the sentence if its checksum does not match our calculated checksum
 If Not IsValid(sentence) Then Return False
 ' Look at the first word to decide where to go next
 Select Case GetWords(sentence)(0)
Case "$GPRMC"' A "Recommended Minimum" sentence was found!
Return ParseGPRMC(sentence)
Case Else
' Indicate that the sentence was not recognized
Return False
 End Select
 End Function
 ' Divides a sentence into individual words
 Public Function GetWords(ByVal sentence As String) As String()
 Return sentence.Split(","c)
 End Function
 ' Interprets a $GPRMC message
 Public Function ParseGPRMC(ByVal sentence As String) As Boolean
 ' Divide the sentence into words
 Dim Words() As String = GetWords(sentence)
 ' Do we have enough values to describe our location?
 If Words(3) <> "" And Words(4) <> "" And Words(5) <> "" And Words(6) <> "" Then
' Yes. Extract latitude and longitude
Dim Latitude As String = Words(3).Substring(0, 2) & "�"' Append hours
Latitude = Latitude & Words(3).Substring(2) & """" ' Append minutes
Latitude = Latitude & Words(4)' Append the hemisphere
Dim Longitude As String = Words(5).Substring(0, 3) & "�"' Append hours
Longitude = Longitude & Words(5).Substring(3) & """" ' Append minutes
Longitude = Longitude & Words(6)' Append the hemisphere
' Notify the calling application of the change
RaiseEvent PositionReceived(Latitude, Longitude)
 End If
 ' Do we have enough values to parse satellite-derived time?
 If Words(1) <> "" Then
' Yes. Extract hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds
Dim UtcHours As Integer = CType(Words(1).Substring(0, 2), Integer)
Dim UtcMinutes As Integer = CType(Words(1).Substring(2, 2), Integer)
Dim UtcSeconds As Integer = CType(Words(1).Substring(4, 2), Integer)
Dim UtcMilliseconds As Integer
' Extract milliseconds if it is available
If Words(1).Length > 7 Then UtcMilliseconds = CType(Words(1).Substring(7), Integer)
' Now build a DateTime object with all values
Dim Today As DateTime = System.DateTime.Now.ToUniversalTime
Dim SatelliteTime As New System.DateTime(Today.Year, Today.Month, _
Today.Day, UtcHours, UtcMinutes, UtcSeconds, UtcMilliseconds)
' Notify of the new time, adjusted to the local time zone
RaiseEvent DateTimeChanged(SatelliteTime.ToLocalTime)
 End If
 ' Do we have enough information to extract the current speed?
 If Words(7) <> "" Then
' Yes. Convert it into MPH
Dim Speed As Double = CType(Words(7), Double) * 1.150779
' If we're over 55MPH then trigger a speed alarm!
If Speed > 55 Then RaiseEvent SpeedLimitReached()
' Notify of the new speed
RaiseEvent SpeedReceived(Speed)
 End If
 ' Do we have enough information to extract bearing?
 If Words(8) <> "" Then
' Indicate that the sentence was recognized
Dim Bearing As Double = CType(Words(8), Double)
RaiseEvent BearingReceived(Bearing)
 End If
 ' Does the device currently have a satellite fix?
 If Words(2) <> "" Then
Select Case Words(2)
Case "A"
 RaiseEvent FixObtained()
Case "V"
 RaiseEvent FixLost()
End Select
 End If
 ' Indicate that the sentence was recognized
 Return True
 End Function
 ' Returns True if a sentence's checksum matches the calculated checksum
 Public Function IsValid(ByVal sentence As String) As Boolean
 ' Compare the characters after the asterisk to the calculation
 Return sentence.Substring(sentence.IndexOf("*") + 1) = GetChecksum(sentence)
 End Function
 ' Calculates the checksum for a sentence
 Public Function GetChecksum(ByVal sentence As String) As String
 ' Loop through all chars to get a checksum
 Dim Character As Char
 Dim Checksum As Integer
 For Each Character In sentence
Select Case Character
Case "$"c
 ' Ignore the dollar sign
Case "*"c
 ' Stop processing before the asterisk
 Exit For
Case Else
 ' Is this the first value for the checksum?
 If Checksum = 0 Then
 ' Yes. Set the checksum to the value
 Checksum = Convert.ToByte(Character)
 ' No. XOR the checksum with this character's value
 Checksum = Checksum Xor Convert.ToByte(Character)
 End If
End Select
 ' Return the checksum formatted as a two-character hexadecimal
 Return Checksum.ToString("X2")
 End Function
End Class

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