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Multiple Portal Implementation(多入口实现)
General Enhancements (常规更新)

  • multiple portal implementation using a single codebase / database ( you can run multiple sites off of a single ASP.NET hosted account )
  • security model changes to assign users to specific portals
  • seperate upload directories for each portal ( fully integrated with modules )
  • customize appearance of each portal with unique logo, style sheet ( skin ) (自定义每用户的界面)
  • File Upload Admin module for Portal Admins to upload files to their upload folder
  • Expanded User Registration fields ( full address )
  • Service based system where Portal Admins can define Roles which have an associated service fee and expiry date ( hooks directly to PayPal for online payment processing )
  • Bulk Email Admin Module based on Roles (基于角色的邮件管理)
  • Site Logging Admin Module including a Site Log Viewer and Statistics (登陆日记功能)
  • Vendor Management Admin module
  • Banner Advertising ( global for all portals and local for individual portals ) (banner管理)
  • Super User account for creating new portals using the Admin UI
  • Custom fields for Tabs for LeftPaneWidth, RightPaneWidth, IsVisible
  • Customize Module appearance with Display Title, Border, Alignment, Background Color, Icon
  • standard templates for Header and Footer code
  • MSN-style header menu replacement for DesktopPortalBanner
  • WYSIWYG UI improvements to provide Admin direct access to Tabs and Modules

    DesktopModule Enhancements

  • Announcements - internal or external links, syndicate option to publish RSS file
  • Contacts - Email address enhanced with mailto: functionality
  • Discussions - discussions do not open in new browser window, datalist retains current position
  • Documents - internal or external linking, syndicate option to publish RSS file, Download link added to user control for Save As... functionality
  • Events - Date/Location separated, list view or calendar view, recurring events
  • Html - handles <br> as well as image tags ( src= )
  • Images - internal or external linking, automatically determines image size
  • Links - Links/QuickLinks replaced with single module with option to Open In New Window. Internal or external linking. Internal links provide list of Tabs to link to - allows user to build navigation menu links to hidden tabs

    Technical Enhancements

  • Organization - all Admin and Desktop modules ( user control and edit page ) have been moved into their own subdirectories.
  • Edit Page - all Edit pages have been converted to user controls which are loaded into a general EditModule.aspx parent page.
  • Users - track all users internally based on UserId rather than Name. This includes audit fields ( CreatedByUser ).
  • Roles - store RoleId rather than RoleName in security related fields.
  • Delete - added a Delete Confirmation to all options to prevent accidental deletion of content
  • Data Access - all data access converted to use a common SQLCommandGenerator class which derives the stored procedure parameters and attributes from the database class method declaration

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