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Oracle User Experience


At Oracle, we believe that we can deliver the software that our customers want and need deploying user-centered Design tools and methods. We deliver a successful user experience to our customer by working with design partners, and by involving end users in our iterative design process.

The Oracle User Experience groups provide comprehensive usability engineering, interface design support, and user interface research for the entire corporation.

Team members have experience in a wide variety of disciplines, including usability engineering, cognitive psychology, graphic design, interaction design, and computer science with a specialization in Human Computer Interface (HCI). Oracle's tradition of investment in human factors dates back 17 years. Our executives believe it to be a critical competitive differentiator, if included early in the software development process.

User Centered Design at Oracle

Each Oracle User Experience group works in cross-disciplinary teams throughout the entire development cycle of Oracle products, in concert with software development and product management teams. The department follows a user-centered design methodology that includes the following activities:

Heuristic evaluations of existing products
Definition of the user experience through sketches and interactive prototypes
Iterative development and usability testing of interactive and visual design solutions
Formal usability testing and competitive evaluations of products

Our long term investments include laboratory and academic research projects in areas such as information visualization, mobile computing, universal access, and distance learning. Advanced projects are carried out on-site and in collaboration with university partner labs such as Stanford University, Berkeley,  and Carnegie Mellon.


Participate in the Usability Program at Oracle to help us improve our products!

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