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WinSCP - 翻译 - 更新 - 4.1.7

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WinSCP - 翻译 - 更新 - 4.1.7

This is bug fix release.
  • Output from console interface tool is no longer buffered. 281
  • 从控制台界面输出不再缓冲
  • System error message is shown when FTP connection is refused.
  • 当FTP链接被拒绝时显示系统错误消息
  • Transfer mode and resume support status are no longer shown on progress window.
  • 在进度窗口中不再显示传输模式和继续支持状态。
  • Internal editor is opened faster. 312
  • 提升内部编辑器的打开速度。
  • It is possible to reference session in folder from command line and script. 300
  • 从命令行和脚本中能引用文件夹的会话。
  • Session name can contain special characters like []/. 305
  • 会话名称可以包括[]/.等特殊字符。
  • In scripting on session start local working directory is set to the one saved in stored session. 303
  • 在基于会话脚本中初始的本地工作文件夹设置为已保存在会话中的内容。
  • Bug fix: Wrapping of long files were not applied to newly opened internal editors. 287
  • 缺陷修正:新打开的内部编辑器没有对长文件折行。
  • Bug fix: Alias to directory listing command was not cleared (SCP only). 285
  • 缺陷修正:没有清除文件夹列表的别名(仅限于SCP)。
  • Bug fix: Failure when creating directory with SFTP. 307
  • 缺陷修正:通过SFTP创建文件夹失败。
  • Bug fix: “List index out of bounds (-1)” error on startup with Explorer interface and Show full path on address bar option disabled. 294
  • 缺陷修正:在浏览器界面开始时出现“List index out of bounds (-1)”“列表索引超出边界(-1)”以及在地址栏显示完整路径无效。
  • Bug fix: Transfer progress indication was not completed with FTP protocol. 278
  • 缺陷修正:在FTP协议中传输进度指示不完整。
  • Bug fix: Paste in an internal editor lost final new line. 277
  • 缺陷修正:在内部编辑器中粘贴时丢失最后的新行。
  • Bug fix: Dialogs opened from Preferences dialog opened from internal editor are properly placed over them. 282
  • 缺陷修正:在内部编辑器中打开的使用偏好对话框中打开的对话框被完全遮上了。
  • Bug fix: Failure when dragging item in editor list.
  • 缺陷修正:拖放到编辑列表时失败。
  • Bug fix: Internal editor status bar was not updated after reload.
  • 缺陷修正:在重新加载后,内部编辑器的状态栏未能更新。
  • Bug fix: WinSCP closed without warning even when internal editor with modified local file was opened.
  • 缺陷修正:当内部编辑器打开本地文件并进行编辑时,关闭WinSCP没有出现警告。
  • Bug fix: Changes to internal editor configuration were not applied to opened editors with local files.
  • 缺陷修正:对内部编辑器配置的修改没能应用到已打开本地文件的编辑器。
  • Bug fix: Random pieces of log were duplicated in log window. 310
  • 缺陷修正:日志窗口中出现随机的重复日志片段。
  • Bug fix: Log window was not updated while connecting.
  • 缺陷修正:在连接时,日志窗口不更新。
  • Bug fix: Some administrative restrictions were not being applied. 315
  • 缺陷修正:没有应用一些管理限制。

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