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Gaim0.79 is out!

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0.79 (06/24/2004):
Sean: We've moved to a three-week release cycle which we'll
hopefully be able to keep up more realistically than a two-week
cycle. Yahoo! went and broke last night, but it's fixed now thanks
to a quick fix sent in by Cerulean Studios this morning. Reports say
they'll continue to try to break us, though, so don't be surprised
if your Yahoo cuts out again.

Luke: I was really distracted this cycle, I want to thank my co-
developers and our crazy patch writers for keeping things going.
We have a fairly long changelog for you this release, including some
nice bug fixes and some much-requested new features, the ChangeLog
has all the details there of course. Enjoy!

Christian: Great release! MSN buddy icons and file transfer. A big round
of applause to Felipe! Too bad about the Yahoo thing, but.. eep! I have
to go! Movie with the girls and Farmer's Market.

Tim: This release brings us /commands in the core, which hopefully
works better, and Yahoo! buddy icons. Thanks to all the people I
bugged for packet captures, like Simguy, Bleeter, and odl. Yahoo!
broke again, so I did a little last minute work on the web
messenger stuff, but then Cerulean Studios was cool and fixed the
problem already, so all that code's disabled. I also finally added
the Yahoo! Japan support, for those of you with Yahoo! Japan

Mark: I fixed that icon animation thing that caused Gaim to lock-up.
I also stepped on something at the beach and I think there might be
a little rock or something in my foot now.'
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